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About Me
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Where do I come from? (Just a quick bio)


In a nutshell, I am not from around here. Here is the city of Hammond in Northwest Indiana. I was born in Alaska but didn't stay there long enough to even remember the place. Most of my time was spent in the central valley of California. Sure I miss it. I've been here over 2 years now and still pine away for back home at times.

June 30th 2005 I finially got hitched at age 26. We have a house with a small yard. We enjoy tending to our animals and backpacking in the wilderness when we arnt busy bees at work. Someday I hope to never have a boss again and to run my own buisness, preferably not in a city.

Pet Rats For Sale

Smart, Smart, Smart!

Rats make great pets for the family.
Many colors to chose from, male and female.
Easy to train!
Rats $5 each
Local Pick-Up Only

Email for availability.


Animals of all types- even the ones with more then 4 legs or no legs at all.
Fruit- Blackberries
Vegetable- Greenbeans
Flower- Roses, sweetpeas
Season- Summer!

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