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My Growing City Lot

2006 Garden Goals

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The 2006 Checklist

  • Plant a fruit tree.
    • On order....should arrive in April!
  • Gather poles for bean TP's
    • Fallen branches from the woods and old dried sunflower stalks.
  • Spray paint bed frame for flower trellis
    • Bright turqouis or yellow
  • Start seeds indoors
    • Cool season crops and plants
    • Warm Season crops and plants
  • Start seeds outdoors
    • Cool season plants
    • warm season plants
  • Prepare bed for wildflowers
    • Have bought seeds
  • Make a mulch path
  • Hand collect and destroy pests.
  • Make a container water garden feature
    • For wildlife and sound environment
  • Map and Measure the backyard, note any permanent plants
  • Enrich the garden soil with compost and topsoil where it needs it.
  • Can/Preserve/dry excess fruits and veggies
  • Learn about the bioregion
    • 5 new native trees
    • 5 new native shrubs/ woody plants
    • 5 new native wildflowers
    • 5 new native edible plants(and try them!)
  • Attend the Chicago Garden Show at Navy Pier.
    • Go by train and bus
  • Visit the Chicago Botanic Garden at least once.
  • Get a bike and use public transit more often.
  • Build a solar oven
  • Earthworm bin composting project
  • Make homemade soap

Weekly Goals: 19th-25th Feb.
  • Clean dog leavings in yard.....
  • Keep house plants watered
  • Trim/ manicure houseplants
  • Water cactus
  • Check seed starting scheduals and prepare starting containers
  • Measure yard onto grid paper
  • Start garden journal

Compleated Goals

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