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My Growing City Lot

Amaryllis (Hippeastrum)

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My amaryllis:

Amarylis 'Red Lion'

I have had Red Lion for two years now and Peacock Blossem is in it's first year of life with me. They are planted in simple pots not much bigger then the bulb in size with good well draining soil that is a mix of bagged commercial soil and peatmoss. Once they bloom I remove the flower stalk and water and fertlize the plant like any other houseplant. Make sure they get plenty of light. In the spring I put the pots outside to grow. I learned the hard way that wind will tear up the long leaves. Water and fertlize through summer. I stop all watering in September and let the leaves die. If they don't die by the time it starts to get cold, I cut them off and bring them in. I wait untill I start to see a bud/ leaves growing before I start to lightly water them. Do not over water at this point.

Amarylis 'Peacock Blossom'

I bought 'Red Lion' from walmart and 'Peacock Blossom' from Dutch Bulbs mailorder.

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